Helping Victims Of Personal Injury In The Atlanta Metropolitan Area

In a split second, your life can change from the negligence of another. Whether a personal injury has cost you in terms of health, finances or loss of a loved one, Marsh & Frost is prepared to guide you through the process of seeking reparation, as well as closure.

Whether you are facing resistance from a business, individual or insurance company, our personal injury attorneys will act as your advocates. From our office in Marietta, Georgia, we represent clients throughout the Atlanta area in a wide range of personal injury situations, including the following:

  • Injuries obtained in a motor vehicle accident involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles or pedestrians
  • Medical malpractice, including medication errors, surgical errors, failure to diagnose and delayed diagnosis
  • Slip-and-fall accidents due to a property owner's negligence
  • Wrongful death of a loved one, including deaths caused by drunk driving accidents
  • Product liability cases involving injuries caused by poorly designed or manufactured consumer products

Before you talk to insurance adjusters, talk to our lawyers. We can inform you of your rights and speak to insurance companies on your behalf. This will protect you from making any statements that could be used to give you less compensation than you deserve.

We Can Help You Seek Compensation For Auto Accident Injuries

Many car accidents result in an avalanche of repair bills, insurance statements and financial strain. Unfortunately, many also bring the need for extensive medical care, which leads to large medical bills. If you are unable to recover the damages you are entitled to from the other party or their insurance company, contact Marsh & Frost. We will investigate the incident and prove that you are entitled to the damages you seek.

We Can Hold Negligent Property Owners Accountable

As part of being in business or operating out of the location in question, the owners and managers are legally required to ensure that no visitors or customers will be hurt on the premises. If you have been injured at a store or public place where care should have been taken to prevent such accidents, we can help you seek the damages needed.

Do Not Undertake This Fight Alone. Call Us For Help.

When seeking these damages on your own without the assistance of a skilled lawyer, you stand little chance of winning. For a consultation and to discuss how Marsh & Frost can help you recover maximum damages, please call us today at 678-383-4953 or toll free at 866-920-4494.