Paternity, Legitimation And Adoption In Georgia

The Marietta family law attorneys of Marsh & Frost seek to provide a caring and compassionate representation to parents and grandparents facing the many issues surrounding divorce and custody, including paternity, parental rights and protective orders.

We represent mothers and fathers throughout the Atlanta area in seeking parental rights. Our lawyers fully recognize that the rights of each parent can be very different, but both have rights, and we do everything possible to protect those. We also offer legal aid in seeking grandparents' rights.

We handle paternity, legitimation and adoption cases in Cobb County, Fulton County and Cherokee County courts.

Determining Paternity When Necessary

Generally, paternity disputes arise from a mother seeking child support from a father who claims that the child is not his. We will guide you through the process of seeking a court order for the DNA test to confirm the paternity.

Helping You Prove You Are The Father

In cases where the father of the child is legally unknown, the mother of the child has all parental rights. If a man suspects that he is the father, he can seek a DNA test through the legitimation process to prove that he is the biological father. Only after a positive DNA test can he seek visitation and fathers' rights with his child.

We Help With Adoptions To Bring Families Together

We assist clients in contested and uncontested adoptions. This includes relative or family member adoption, grandparent adoption, stepparent adoption and the adoption of dependent adults.

We Can Help Keep You Safe From Abuse

If you are experiencing a situation involving domestic violence, whether physical, emotional, verbal or financial, we can help. Well-versed on the issue and the many forms abuse can take, our attorneys are skilled in assisting you in obtaining the protective orders and taking the legal action necessary to protect yourself and your children from the abusive individual.

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, however, we can help you sort through the facts and establish your claims.

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