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Even When Living Far Away, Parents Have Rights

We live in a transitional society. Many jobs require extensive travel. New jobs take us far from home. New relationships mean we may have to move. Parenting from a long distance for your children may be more difficult, but it doesn’t mean you give up your rights as a parent.

At Marsh & Frost in Marietta, Georgia, we focus our law practice on making sure parents remain an important part of their children’s lives — across time and across distances.

If circumstances have changed in your life and you no longer live near your child, it doesn’t mean you lose your visitation rights. Call our office to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation. We will show you legal ways to modify your parenting schedule to make sure you remain a meaningful part of your child’s life.

A Variety Of Options To Protect Your Rights And Keep You Involved

Whether you have moved away or the custodial parent needs to move away with your child, there are always legal options to help you retain your rights. In most cases, the court will approve a renegotiated visitation schedule that includes longer stays over holiday weekends, school breaks and summer vacations. Other options include regular FaceTime or Skype phone visits in a private room of the house.

Modifications And Enforcement

If the custodial parent of your child is making it difficult for you to spend quality time with your child, don’t try to work out an agreement on your own. The courts will not accept it if things start to go wrong. Your first step should be to talk to an experienced lawyer about an enforcement or modification action.

Don’t Panic. Do Call.

Call our Marietta, Georgia, office at 678-383-4953 or toll free at 866-920-4494, or use the email form to contact us about scheduling an initial free consultation with an attorney as soon as possible.

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